Pathena Chess Tournaments are broadcasted live.

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Pathena Young Talents

We organize yearly an invitation tournament for your Young Pathena Selections group.

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Dutch National Championship 2016 up 14, 16 and 20 year

The preparations for upcoming championship are in full swing! All games will be broadcasted LIVE!

Watch the NC here LIVE!

Winner Dutch Youth National Championship up 20 years to Tata Steel Chess Tournament

22 March 2016 - Tata Steel Chess

The Organizing Committee of the Pathena Dutch Youth National Championship Rotterdam and The Tata Steel Chess Tournament have jointly decided to award the winner of this Youth National Championship with free seat at the prestigious "Toptienkamp" (highest group 9 Round) Amateur Group at the next Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017. The Pathena Dutch Youth National Championship Rotterdam will be held at the Topsportcentrum Rotterdam from 29 April until 7 May. The 79e edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament will be held from Friday 13 tot until Sunday 29 January 2017.

Information about Pathena Dutch Youth National Championship Rotterdam 2016 is available at, en

Pathena Chess Foundation

Founded in 2013 by three fathers of chess playing children, Marcel Klein, Thao Nguyen and Tu Tran, the foundation aims to support and stimulate talented young chess players in the Netherlands by organizing training programs, chess tournamens and analysis during tournaments.

Pathena Academy

The Pathena Academy, run by two renouned chess trainers Dolf Meijer and Harold van Dijk, provides additional training programmes for over 80 young players, whoms playing skills and levels have surpassed the training they receive at their own chess club. These motivated and talented young players are now joining this unique programme to further improve their skills in their endeavour in becoming the next Dutch Champion.


The Pathena Chess Foundation has been organizing Invitation Tournaments as of 2012. Through this concept, talented young players in the region of Rotterdam are invited to play a closed 8 round Swiss tournament, in 4 days spread across the year. During the tournament, experienced trainers associated to the foundation are present to help the pupils analyze their games, which has proven to be a succesfull and valuable addition to the Invitation Tournament.

Analysis & Tournament support

In addition to the analysis during the Invitation Tournaments, the Pathena Chess Academy also provides additional programmes to young players who participate in the Dutch National Championships and other major tournaments. Motivated and talented players benefit from this additional programme in their preparation for their next game during such tournaments, similar to having a private trainer.

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Marcel Klein - chairman

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Thao Nguyen - treasurer

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Tu Tran - secretary/technical director